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Sexological therapy

Sex is something that can develop in many directions throughout life.

Sexological therapy

Sexological therapy can be relevant, both on individual or couple’s terms.

Maybe you never enjoyed sex fully, maybe you have problems with erection, orgasm-difficulties, or troubles only when being with a partner. There can be physical pain attached to sexual practice, that makes it almost impossible being together with another person.
In that case, it is important to have a doctors examination, to make sure nothing physical is the matter.
You may have considerations about your sexual orientation, which might be hard to talk to friends about. Or maybe you’re dissatisfied with yourself, having too many casual sexual relationships.

As for couples, you might have had a passionate sexual life in years before, but now it has become boring, complicated or non-existing.
Or the classic version: one partner prefers sex more often than the other. In that way even an innocent kiss, can turn into a ’threat’.

Book en samtale, så skriv herunder så finder vi et tidspunkt

Sex is personal, private, vulnerable, something you might be able to talk to friends about, when you’re at the bar with your friends. But maybe without being totally honest, ’cause it may feel embarassing.

For that reason it may be a good idea to consult a professional sexologist. The sexological therapist can help you try to understand the origin of the problems (perhaps unscious feelings), help try improving the communication between partners and suggest excercises that are adjusted to the person or the couple in particular.
Everybody is his or her own person, and what works for one, might not work for the other. You have to try it out, and find the right excercises in common.