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Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy & Sexological Therapy

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut and it’s weighing you down, psychotherapy can be a good way to move forward

About me

About me
I’m a psychotherapist MPF, meaning that I’m confirmed by Psykoterapeutforeningen. This involves very much psychological therory, training in psychotherapy, supervision etc..
I have been studying Psychology at the Copenhagen University, on a Bachelor level. I’m educated as a nurse, and have been working many years in out-hospital unions with psychotherapy individually and in groups. I have been a co-leader of a psychotherapeutic union during 7 years. I’m educated and confirmed as a clinical sexologist by NACS (nordic association for clinical sexology).
I also did a two-year course of Organisational Psychology.

Besides my interest in psychology and therapy, I have been involved in other aspects of life, playing music and theatre.

I offer both physical and online therapy; whatever suits you best. Contact me for more info.

If you chose therapy by me, you will find that I do my best to listen to You, ask You questions, that have the intention of helping You understand yourself and your problems better, by getting in touch with your feelings and reflections. I believe that therapy should move you, and make you develop your own tools. This I believe, you can only achieve by working on seeing things from both your own, and the other person’s situation. It is not always comfortable to have to look into yourself, but on the other hand, it can be very much useful, and in between the serious and difficult, humor can be useful as well.

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